Human Performance

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Track and trend your readiness to train.

Human Performance allows you to track your performance and recovery, and then see overall or individual trends. Each of the tests can be enabled or disabled depending on individual requirements. The available tests are:

– CNS Tap Test of the left and right hand
– Reaction time test
– Record resting heart rate
– Record weight
– Record sleep in the last 24 hours

Multiple samples can be taken per day. Results can be graphed to show data and trends, exported via email and managed on the device.

CNS Tap Test is used to measure the status of the central nervous system (CNS), and is one of the most commonly used tests in neuropsychology, because of its simplicity and reliability, and because it generates relevant data about fine motor control, which is based on motor speed as well as kinesthetic and visual-motor ability.

The reaction test is measured as the time taken to react to visual stimuli. The test is repeated 5 times, with the median value is recorded.

Click here for a video of Human Performance in use.

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