Today Snippet

Available on the App Store

Share text to the Today View, even when the phone is locked, on you Home Screen, or on your Apple Watch.

Completely re-written in SwiftUI for iOS 14 to support Widgets.

“Viewing notes on the lock screen is brilliant.”
@leafbomb, Product Hunt

“A solid app that does what it says. Has good functionality.”
5 Stars, SoccerReader, App Store

Need to keep a snippet of text handy? Tired of messing up your notes, trying to keep the app open and unlocked while you are trying to do something else.

Today Snippet will allow you to share text, or a selection of text, with the Today Snipper widget. Then you can see your info with a simple swipe right to the Today View, even when your phone is locked. You can also put the widget on your Home screen. The Apple Watch app also has a complication making it readily accessible.

You can tap the Today Snippet Widget to go to the app where you can launch the appropriate app using hyperlinks detected in the text. Once you have finished with the text on the Today widget, you can overwrite it, or delete it.

To go straight to the Today Snippet app Settings from the Today Snippet widget, just tap on the widget.

Features include:
– iCloud integration to share snippet across devices, just install Today Snippet on multiple devices
– Paste from the clipboard (in Settings)