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Today Snippet

Available on the App StoreNeed to keep a snippet of text handy. Don’t want to keep your iPhone unlocked and an app open as you walk around the supermarket?

Today Snippet lets you share a snippet of text from applications, such as Notes, or selections of text from a number of apps to your Today view, which is also accessible from the lock screen, or on your Apple Watch. The Apple Watch app also provides a complication for quick access.

Enable the Today Snippet widget by scrolling to the bottom of the Today view and clicking Edit.

After selecting to share the text, select the Today action. The text will now appear in the Today Snippet widget. You can share new text to replace it, or delete it from the Today Snippet app Settings tab.

To go straight to the Today Snippet app Settings from the Today Snippet widget, just double tap on the widget.

New Features in v1.2.0

  • iCloud integration to share snippet across devices, just install Today Snippet on multiple devices
    • Notifications must be enabled for silent iCloud notifications to update the snippet
    • iCloud is now required, and the app will not work without it
    • Open the app to ensure these are enabled, you will be prompted if they’re not
  • Paste from the clipboard
  • Share via URL
  • Ability to hide the Today widget when not in use

Sharing via the URL should be in the form:

today snippet://paste/?<query items>

Query items are represented as line items with the name representing the line number, and the value representing the percent encoded line.

Try this link for yourself:


“Viewing notes on the lock screen is brilliant.”
@leafbomb, Product Hunt

“A solid app that does what it says. Has good functionality.”
5 Stars, SoccerReader, App Store