ZeroTime for Xero

ZeroTime records tasks for your Xero contacts on your phone, then uses these to create draft invoices in Xero accounting. A simple click of Approve and Send in Xero and your invoicing is complete. ZeroTime is the ideal solution for the individual who needs to invoice their time to clients.

Requires an existing Xero account with contacts defined.

Features include:

  • Set default invoice terms
  • Uses contact invoice terms where configured in Xero
  • Set default and individual contact time rounding
  • Saves the billing rate per contact
  • Configure projects for contacts, and individual billing rates for projects
  • Create Authority To Bill emails for selected contacts to pre-approve invoices
  • Export all previous times with invoice numbers to email
  • Tasks can be recorded offline (connection required for invoicing)
  • Today widget with summary of hours per client
  • iCloud calendar integration

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